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Watermelon Smash Game – The Gadget Guy’s top pick for Father’s Day

News June 11, 2018

Our Watermelon Smash Game has recently been in the spotlight across a number of television networks in the US. Steve Greenberg also known as The Gadget Guy shared his list of the hottest gadget gifts for ‘Dads and Grads’ this summer. The Gadget Guy’s list is the best place to look for gift inspiration for Father’s Day this Sunday 17 June.

Among the six gadgets showcased our very own Watermelon Smash Game made an appearance. “This is a hot toy!”, The Gadget Guy exclaimed. He went on to say that this is the top game for Dads to play with their children this summer.

Click to view The Jam’s television coverage here.

It was short but sweet showcase of our Watermelon Smash Game. However it received a positive response from the audience and television show hosts alike.

The Gadget Guy encouraged viewers to search #watermelonsmashchallenge on social media to view Watermelon Smash videos from people all over the world. Steve was thrilled to share his own #watermelonsmashchallenge video where he demonstrated the game on a hot summer’s day.

Since its release this spring Watermelon Smash has being well received by children, parents and toy reviewers. The element of surprise has been a popular theme among the hottest toys of 2018. Watermelon Smash is the perfect combination of mess, with simplicity, making it an appealing game for children (and parents) of all ages.

The success of the game has been linked to the strong online community centered around the #watermelonsmashchallenge. Children and families world wide have been playing the game with all sorts of liquids, adding an extra element of suspense.

Here’s how it works

Players each take a turn to spin the spinner. They press the watermelon against their head as many times as indicated on the spinner, and then pass it onto the next player.

It is a suspenseful game in which you never know when the watermelon will fully crack open. If it cracks on your turn, you either get covered with water (outdoor version) or plastic watermelon seeds (indoor version) and you are out of the game.

The last dry player is the winner.

The Watermelon Smash Game is available exclusively online and at your local Target store.