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Swirl and Style Tie Dye Studio Kit


Swirl & Style Tie Dye Studio Activity Kit brings a new element of fun to tie-dying! With its unique, self-contained orb, tie-dye creations are made mess-free. Simply put dye bottles into self-sealing valves to dye, spin, wash and wear. Watch as the colors transform ordinary items to bright, colorful art!

Pack Includes:

  • Base
  • Design Guide
  • Color Dyes
  • Rubber Bands
  • Rubber Gloves
  • Instruction Manual
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Los Angeles

MESS FREE easy to use Tie Dye

Los Angeles

Design and create anything from t-shirts to canvas bags

Los Angeles

All Dyes are child friendly

Los Angeles

Unique simple to use patented magic mixing orb

Swirl and Style Tie Dye Videos

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