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Pop Pops Blingz


Pop Pops Blingz has all the things you need to design your own masterpiece jewelry. Pop the slime and confetti glitter-filled bubble to reveal collectible charm, bead, and bracelets surprises. Pop Pops Blingz has 54+ beads and charms to collect!

Package Content:

  • 14 Pop Pops Blingz Bubbles
  • 4 Charms
  • 10 Beads
  • 1 Premium Bracelet
  • 1 Mega Diamond Capsule
  • 1 Collectors Guide



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Los Angeles

New gem shaped bubbles to pop

Los Angeles

Pack includes collectible charms, beads, and bracelets

Los Angeles

Translucent diamond containers as storage

Los Angeles

Pop to reveal, every bubble has a surprise


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