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Whacky Shots World Warriors

The world is at war, cities and streets are abandoned. New alliances bring disorder, creepy mutations bring danger and fear….pick your side and start the fight to take over the world!

You can choose between four factions – Rogue Robots, Earth Heroes, Alien Invaders and Mutant Beasts.

The aim of the game is to hit your opponents’ cards that can be conquered by the element of your Whacky Shot.

Whacky Shots World Warriors is all about competition combined with your knowledge of the elements and your aiming skills.

Which Whacky Shots team will conquer the world?



  • 120 unique characters divided into four factions
  • Rare atomic power glow in the dark characters
  • 120 collectible cards
  • Sling shot game with multiple game plays
  • Suitable for ages six and up

Pack Includes

Foil Bag includes

  • Whacky Shots World Warrior character
  • Game card
  • Target foot
  • Game rules

Starter Kit includes

  • Four Whacky Shots World Warrior characters
  • Four game cards
  • Four target feet
  • Game rules

Deluxe Pack includes

  • Eight Whacky Shots World Warrior characters
  • Eight game cards
  • Eight target feet
  • Two power launchers
  • Four target cones
  • Game rules


Set up your game cards as targets with their backs facing your opponent.

Choose your selection of Whacky Shots.

Once you are ready to play, take turns to stretch and pull the Whacky Shot character as much as possible by placing your thumb or index finger in the back of the character’s head. Aim and release the pull-tab to shoot at your opponent’s target.

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