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Spy Code - Break Free

Spy Code – Break Free is a unique puzzle game that involves solving challenging mazes to break out of your handcuffs. The play starts with two or more players handcuffed together. Insert the maze into your handcuff. Each color maze has a different level of difficulty.  The main aim is to use your key, to unlock yourself and break out!! The fastest to break out wins the game.




  • Spy lock-picking game with four interconnected handcuffs
  • Action filled, fun table top game, which develops your motor skills
  • 12 different mazes with three varying levels of difficulty
  • Great family game, suitable for ages six and up
  • One to four player game
  • Solo game – Break Free under the fastest time! Share your record time on social media using the #BreakFreeChallenge
  • Two or more players – fastest to Break Free collects the token corresponding with color of the maze played with the highest points
  • No batteries required
  • Easy set-up
  • Multiple alternate game play ideas included in the game rules

Pack Includes

  • Four handcuffs, each with maze covers and lock picks
  • Four green easy level mazes
  • Four yellow intermediate level mazes
  • Four red advanced level mazes
  • 12 tokens
  • Game rules

How to play

Players must handcuff themselves together and insert an equal difficulty level into each handcuff. Using the lock pick, moving up and down, twist left and right and Break Free first to win!

The fastest to Break Free from their handcuffs receives a token that corresponds with the maze color. There are points on the back of each token, the player with the most points after playing all three rounds, wins the game.

Download game rules

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