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Don’t be left holding the Popcorn when it Pops! Popcorn Poppin’ is a fast and fun game where players must pass the popcorn bucket before the popcorn pops. While the pop-up timer counts down, players
follow the instructions from the dice and pass the popcorn as quickly as they can, trying not to be the
one holding the bucket when the popcorn pops.



  • Age 4+
  • Playing Time 5-15 minutes
  • Hot potato goes to the movies!
  • Suspenseful and exciting
  • Pass before the popcorn pops!

How to play

1. Wind up the timer at the bottom of the popcorn bucket by pulling the string. Note that the timer will only activate if the popcorn bucket is picked up off the table; it will stop as soon as the bucket is placed back on the table.

2. The youngest player starts by pressing down on one of the yellow SKIP sides of the die, and then picking up the popcorn bucket filled with “popcorn pieces.”

3. When the die pops it will give one of the instructions below:

NEXT = Pass the bucket to the next player (clockwise)

REVERSE = Pass the bucket to the previous player

REPEAT = Pop the die again

SKIP = Skip the next player (clockwise)

CHOOSE = Pass the bucket to the player of your choice

4. Once the die has popped, the player places the popcorn bucket back on the table, which stops the timer.

5. The next player first presses the pop-up die and then lifts the popcorn bucket and does what the die says.

6. If the popcorn pops during a player’s turn, that player is eliminated. 

7. The remaining players repeat steps 1-6.

8. The game continues until only one player is left. The last player left is the winner!

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