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Scoop, stack and score!

Get ready to scoop, stack and score with Oops Scoops! This super fun stacking game challenges players to take turns stacking ice cream scoops on ‘Oops’ the ice cream cone. Players compete to build the tallest ice cream tower, but beware, ‘Oops’, the shaking cone, can shiver to make the stacking even more challenging and causing the tower of scoops to topple. Spin the scoop spinner to see how many scoops to add. If the scoops fall on your turn, then OOPS – you lose! The last player left wins the scooping showdown!



  • Suitable for 2 to 4 players
  • Shaking Cone for amped up play, making it more difficult to stack the ice cream scoops!
  • 2 difficulty level base scoops for added fun
  • A scooper with built in spinner- which will call out how many scoops to stack on a players turn, or, allow a player to pass!
  • Contents: 1x vibrating ice cream cone, 12x coloured ice cream scoops, 2x difficulty level base scoops, 1x cone stand, 1x scooper with spinner
  • Batteries Required: 2 x AAA Batteries (Not Included)

How to play

  • Choose one of the 2 base ice creams, to set the difficulty of the game
  • Switch on Oops
  • Choose the player who Grab the scooper, make its spinner turn and read the instructions (scoop 1 time, scoop 2 times or pass on the cone).
  • Play continues till the ice cream tower The player on who’s turn the tower drops, is out of the game.
  • Play multiple rounds until one player is That is the winner of Oops Scoops!
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