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King of the Ring is a game where players race their sumo wrestler to the top of the sumo ring to become King of the Ring! Compete with your opponents by rolling your sumo wrestler to the top of the sumo ring and try to knock the other sumo characters out of the ring. The player whose sumo is elevated up on the podium when time runs out wins and is crowned King of the Ring!


This game is designed for 2-4 Players, ages 4+



Each King of the Ring includes:

  • 1 King of the Ring Platform
  • 4 Rolling Sumo Wrestlers

How to play

At the count of ‘3, 2, 1’ go! The players start rolling their wrestlers across the platform in an attempt to make them come to a stop in the middle of the ring. When a wrestler stops in the middle of the ring, others try to knock it out. When the timer runs out, the platform will pop sending the winning sumo wrestler to the top and crowning the King of the Ring!

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