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Helix Sports

The Helix is a revolutionary shuttle that changes the way you play.

Nominated as one of the most innovative outdoor activity toys at ISPO Munich, the shuttle combines the speed of a ball with the flight of a badminton shuttle.

To play, hold the bat and rally the shuttle back and forth for endless fun. To play rallies at a distance of up to 30 ft, opt for the Helix Fun or choose the Helix Pro to play at a longer distance of up to 45 ft and take the fun to the next level!




  • Unique spin technology for a stable and parabolic flight
  • Honey comb structured bat provides extra stiffness
  • Extra bouncy ball makes impact of shuttle as light as possible
  • Comes with safety strap for safe play
  • Recommended for ages eight and up

Pack Includes

The Helix Sports game pack includes:

  • 2 x bats
  • 1 x Helix Fun shuttle – play up to 30 ft
  • 1 x Helix Pro shuttle – play up to 45 ft

The Helix Sports refill pack includes:

  • 1 x Helix Fun shuttle – play at 30 ft
  • 1 x Helix Pro shuttle – play at 45 ft

How to play

Watch the video to find out how to play with Helix Sports. Once you are ready to play, challenge your friends and family to a fun outdoor match!


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