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Helix Light Up Spinner

The Helix Light Up Spinner is the first small size American Football with a unique spin technology. This technology creates a stable and accurate parabolic flight every time!

To play, hold with one hand and throw the spinner like a football. Watch as it takes flight with the perfect spiral spin as it lights up and enjoy endless fun as a throw and catch game between two or more people.




The Helix Light Up Spinner features a unique spin technology for a stable and parabolic flight each time. Its super light-weight design allows for great play.

Pack Includes

  • 1 x Helix Light Up Spinner ball


  • Hold and aim away from eyes and face or others around
  • Avoid putting excess weight on the tail or modifying it in any way
  • Play in an open area

How to play

Watch the video to find out how to play with the Helix Light Up Spinner. Once you are ready to play, challenge your skills by aiming at crash cones or different targets. For even more fun, find new play patterns to challenge friends and family!


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