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The age old quest for fire continues!

Enter the dark mysterious temple with your fire torch. Overcome five obstacles, reach the shrine with the torch to light up the temple and find the treasure!

Fire Quest is a game for creativity and adventure.

Try to move as quickly as possible but be careful as you are playing with fire!

Before you start, set up the check points and challenges in the room. Start your own adventure and follow the path based on the colors of the fire. Complete the obstacle course and try to beat your opponents score!



  • Active game with endless game plays
  • Time pressure fun
  • Balance game
  • Ages six and up
  • Three AAA batteries required

Pack Includes

  • Torch with timer screen, flame and docking station
  • Five different color trigger pins and slam pads
  • Three hoops with clips (red)
  • Ropes with two clips (blue)
  • Four stepping stones (yellow)
  • Five action cards (green)
  • Arrow card
  • Game rules

How to play

Turn on the torch with the on/off switch and place the torch in the dock.

When you pull the torch out of the docking station time starts ticking!

Follow the colour of the flame to finish the five challenges. After finishing the fifth challenge the torch will glow and make a special sound. This means you have to run back to the docking station.

Throughout the game, you must keep the flame perfectly balanced on top of the torch. If you drop the flame, pick it up, place it back on the torch and resume the challenge from the same spot.

There are two alarm sounds to make sure you finish in time. The first alarm is at 30 seconds and the second is at 45 seconds. Each reminder will result in 10 seconds being added to your score at the end of your game. The total time it takes you to complete the five challenges is your score. The lowest score wins!

Download Game Rules

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