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New Toys & Games at Target!

News August 27, 2019

August has been an exciting month for new YULU launches! We have 2 brand new games available at Target: King of the Ring and Fish for Fish! Additionally, #SNAPSTAR dolls and play sets are now available at Target!

With King of the Ring, battle your friends in a sumo challenge! King of the Ring is a game where players race their sumo wrestler to the top of the sumo ring to become King of the Ring! Compete with your opponents by rolling your sumo wrestler to the top of the sumo ring and try to knock the other sumo characters out of the ring. The player whose sumo is elevated up on the podium when time runs out wins and is crowned King of the Ring! Buy now here!


Fish for fish with Fish for Fish! When playing Fish for Fish, you are survival campers and the lake is your only source of food. Everybody is starving, so there’s no time to waste. Assemble your fishing spears as fast as you can and reel in as many fish as you can. Will you save the day and become the Survival Skillz Champ? Fishing has never been so wild and exciting! Buy now here!


#SNAPSTAR has finally hit the shelves at Target! Plus, there are 3 new play sets, 2 of which can be found at Target! Our new doll, Vita, and the separate wig packs can be found at Walmart.