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Diamond Heist Game


Diamond Heist game requires strategy, skill and cooperative game play to retrieve the stolen diamond before time runs out. Two to four players maneuver the spy through the Diamond Heist game board as they overcome all obstacles. Overcoming the final obstacle triggers an alarm and alerts the police. Players race against the clock to retrieve the diamond and escape before the police arrive. Mission Impossible or Mission Accomplished! Test your skills. Diamond Heist Game is for all ages! Latest addition to the Spy Code line.


  • 1 Game Board
  • 4x Suspension Arms
  • 1x Spy Figure with Strings
  • 4x Ring Handles
  • 4x Cameras
  • 1x Booby Trap Disc
  • 1x Booby Trap Cover



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The ultimate cooperative game that requires teamwork to succeed.

Los Angeles

Coordinate moves

Coordinate moves with your team to control the spy and maneuver him through the game challenges.

Los Angeles

Play Experience

Different play experience for each game.

Los Angeles

Hours of Fun

Hours of fun play with different play experiences for each game.


Mission Objective

The famous Blue Colossus Diamond has been stolen by an evil organization and is hidden deep within a vault. Work as a team to rappel in, eliminate the alarms, and escape with the diamond before the Guards stop you!

Download Diamond Heist Game Manual

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