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Break the Board Game


Break the Board is the hard-hitting, fast-action electronic game that lets you become a Karate Master! Follow the lights and Chop (up/down), Strike (in/out), and Swipe (left/right) your way through level after level. If you are fast enough and on target, you get to Break the Board!

What's in the package:

  • 1 x Two-Piece Board
  • 2x Stand Arms
  • 1x Stand Base
  • 4x Foam Feet
  • 2x Tether Strings
  • 1x Instruction
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Los Angeles

4 Intelligent Sensors

Four intelligent sensors that track your hand movements: Chop, Swipe, Strike and Break

Los Angeles

Four different game modes

Break the Board Game has four different game modes: Level Up (solo play), Competition (up to 10 players), Trainer (practice your moves!) and Free Style!

Los Angeles

Repeated Play

Durable for repeated play.

Los Angeles

Stand included

Stand included for solo play


Game Objective

Quickly attack the lights as when they light up, using lightning-fast CHOP, SWIPE, and STRIKE motions. If you’re successful, you get to BREAK THE BOARD and hear your score! The fastest score wins!

NOTE: BREAK THE BOARD can be played with the board in the stand, or with another player holding the board on the side with both hands. We recommend playing with the board in the stand until you’ve played a few rounds.

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