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Tic Tac Tongue

Are you ready for a duel battle between chameleons? What are you waiting for? Put on the mask and get ready to face the Tic Tc Tongue: a game of skill, speed and agility where to win you have to be the first to knock down the target that matches the card turned over. Become a chameleon, too, and have fun eating the insects by shooting your tongue out over and over again!!




  • Fast paced interactive family game
  • Perfect for two players
  • Ages four and up
  • No batteries required

Pack Includes

  • 2 x Chameleon masks with mouthpieces and tongues
  • 10 x target cards
  • 10 x game cards
  • Game rules

How to play

Assemble the mask and the mouthpiece and put it on. Stack up the targets. Once you are ready, the youngest player picks up a game card, and the fastest to shoot the target corresponding to the game card, wins!

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